Limitless Coating

The use of our well tried and tested PVD coating systems and coating solutions adds the substantial finishing touch to various technologies and guarantees a significant additional economic value for numerous areas of application.

  • Machining

Coating of machining tools allows for use with higher cutting values, reduction in the formation of built-up edges as well as increased endurance thus yielding lower cutting and set-up costs. Due to the fact that high temperatures can be transmitted through the swarf without impeding the blade’s performance thanks to oxidation resistance, thermal stability and hot hardness of the individual coating systems, PVD coatings are also ideal for areas in which high temperatures are common such as high-speed cutting (HSC) and dry processing.

    • High and low alloy steels
    • Heat-treated steels
    • Non-ferrous materials and plastic


  • Metal forming

Through using PVD coating, one can improve the functional properties of metal forming tools in a targeted manner in order to achieve more efficient production processes. Thanks to their excellent hardness, coatings protect functional surfaces, cutting edges and drawing radii against abrasive wear and reduce galling. Coated tools produce work pieces of consistent quality and remain fully functional for longer. Increased productivity and endurance, reduction in unit costs and processing times.

    • Drawing tools
    • Pressing tools
    • Embossing tools


  • Punching

PVD coatings are also used on punching tools to reduce abrasive wear and galling as well as to increase endurance and thus, improve productivity.

  • Plastic processing

In the field of plastic processing, coatings reduce mould contamination / facilitate removal of contaminations. Thanks to prolonged melt fluidity, coatings allow for improved mould filling, facilitate removal from the mould and offer excellent wear protection when abrasive plastic is used. Coated forming tools generally show improved operating behaviour.

    • Injection moulding
    • Extrusion


  • Metal machining

In injection moulding applications, the right PVD coating protects cores, mould inserts and mould cavities against wear and corrosion. This allows for better removal from the mould, less core rupture and mould damage, surface imperfections materialise later. Reduced production costs thanks to increased endurance, lower tool costs as well as less need for maintenance and cleaning.

    • Pressure die casting


  • Surface engineering and design

In the areas of design and decorative surface engineering, PVD coatings are used for jewellery parts, watches, fittings and much more. They can provide long-lasting, attractive colours – from various shades of gold and yellow through silver and charcoal to surfaces shimmering in metallic blue. They provide excellent wear resistance.

  • Bio-compatible surfaces

Both in the field of medical technology and in the food industry, wear-increasing, lubricant-free operation and cleanliness when using instruments, tools or machine components are of essential importance. PVD coatings protect against abrasive wear, pitting and corrosion alike.

    • Application in medicine and the food industry