• Photo: Glossy Surface - DLC SLICOs Coating - Eifeler
  • Photo: DLC coating Eifeler DLC SLICOs Coating - Eifeler Austria
  • Photo: DLC SLICOs Coating - Eifeler Austria
  • Photo: Sliding coatings DLC SLICOs - Eifeler Austria

DLC Coating

Thanks to outstanding friction, wear and corrosion reducing characteristics, DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating systems gain more and more importance – especially for tribological applications in which construction elements or components move against each other.

DLC coatings feature some of the unique characteristics of diamonds, show an amorphous structure and combine high micro-hardness and an exceptionally low sliding friction coefficient (even better than Teflon) in a way unmatched by any other coating system. These diamond-like carbon coats are very hard, extremely smooth, have very good sliding properties and are chemically resistant. This makes them the ideal choice for many areas: As sliding coats significantly reducing friction and wear and considerably improving the performance characteristics of construction elements, components and tools, for instance in the automotive industry or in the field of plastic processing. Likewise for decorative applications as well as for improving bio-compatibility in medical technology and the food industry. Or, as protection against diffusion or chemical attack …

The PECVD Method for DLC Deposition

At Eifeler Plasma Beschichtungs GmbH, DLC coatings are being applied by means of the PECVD (plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition) method. Contrary to the PVD vacuum coating method, the basic materials of the coat are already gaseous when fed when using the PECVD method.

Advantages and Characteristics of DLC Coatings

DLC coatings are mainly characterised by even better sliding properties when compared to PVD coats. Since both friction partners are protected, they reduce adhesion. Due to very low deposition temperatures of 200° C at the most, even materials such as aluminium, brass, copper or low-tempered steels can be coated with diamond-like carbon. Moreover, DLC coating systems can be applied very thin (only a few µm) while still being resistant to temperatures of up to 350° C.

  • Exceptional degree of micro-hardness, up to 3,500 HV
  • Coating thickness: 2 µm (+/- 1 µm)
  • Coating temperature up to 200° C
  • Temperature-resistant up to 350° C
  • Extremely low slide friction coefficient of 0.08 – 0.1
  • Good resistance against abrasive wear
  • Exceptional corrosion protection
  • Glossy, smooth surface – roughness Ra 0.02 µm
  • Black/charcoal – visual refinement
  • Excellent bio-compatibility
  • High chemical resistance
  • Exceptional adhesion to the substrate
  • Very good dimensional stability and contour accuracy
  • Low tendency of adhesion to most metals
  • No loss of hardness


Eifeler DLC Coating Systems

Apart from our broad portfolio of conventional PVD hard coatings, we also offer a very specialised range of DLC coating systems precisely tailored to our customers’ requirements. Which coating technology or special coating system is the perfect match for your area of application? Just contact us – we carry / find the right coating solution for you!