Top Performance in the Machining of Aluminium

The zirconium nitride coating ZrN excels through excellent corrosion and wear resistance. It is bio-compatible, extremely tough and highly resistant against abrasive wear. Its favourable tribological properties, together with its attractive light yellow colour, make ZrN a preferred coating system – also for decorative applications.

For Aluminium Alloys, Fibre Glass, Nylon …

ZrN coatings are popularly employed in machining, especially that of aluminium alloys and titanium. Furthermore, they are a good choice for the machining of non-ferrous metals. Using ZrN coats can also be recommended for the processing of fibre glass, nylon and the majority of polymer materials.

Bio-Compatible and Ideal on Medical Components

ZrN coats meet all requirements when it comes to bio-compatibility. Thanks to their high levels of corrosion resistance and chemical stability, they are very well suited for the use in medical technology as well as for the coatings of medical components. Furthermore, they protect against abrasive and adhesive wear.

Reduced Galling

ZrN coating is also used in the field of punching and metal forming: Especially for all those applications in which coating with TiN would result in galling.


PVD Coating ZrN – Zirconium Nitride

Hardness 2.800 ± 300 HV
Maximum working temperature 600° C
1110° F
Friction coefficient against steel 0,5
Coating thickness 1 – 4 µm
Colour light yellow
Preferred areas of application Machining of aluminium alloys and non-ferrous metals
Machining of aluminium with Si content
Processing of fibre glass, nylon and polymer materials
Titanium machining
Medical technology


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