Top Coating for Demanding Machining Tasks

Our PLATINUM top high-performance coating has been further optimised. The composite consisting of SISTRAL and zirconium carbon nitride ZrCN combines the excellent performance parameters of both coating systems in a way never before seen. PLATINUM delivers extraordinary performance – even under extreme operating conditions in machining and high-performance machining.

Perfect for Machining Inconel Materials

PLATINUM is universally applicable and delivers excellent results on indexable inserts for various applications. Due to its particular suitability for this field, we recommend PLATINUM for the machining of Inconel materials.

Excellent Performance Parameters

Thanks to its outstanding tribological properties, PLATINUM stands out with excellent chip removal, great toughness and high abrasion resistance. Directly compared to ZrN coatings that also boast excellent tribological characteristics, the improved PLATINUM excels with an even higher abrasion resistance. This high-performance coat furthermore reduces cold welding with light alloys to a minimum.


PVD Coating PLATINUM – Nano Structure

Hardness 3.500 ± 500 HV
Maximum working temperature 900° C
1650° F
Friction coefficient against steel 0,5
Coating thickness 2 – 4 µm
Colour orange
Preferred areas of application Machining under extreme conditions
High-performance machining of highly abrasive materials
Inconel processing
Indexable inserts


Is PLATINUM the right coating for your area of application? Or would one of our numerous other hard coatings be even better suited for your individual requirements?

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