The Coating for Tougher Cases

Wear protection under extraordinary conditions: The TiCN coating system is a coating with a complex multi-layer structure applied by means of the arc method. Despite its high degree of hardness, TiCN coatings are not excessively brittle – a property that ranks amongst the essential requirements in many application settings – for instance in continuous cutting in machining at non-excessive temperatures at the blade.

High Degrees of Hardness – Excellent Wear Protection – Improved Toughness

Additionally, TiCN excels with excellent adhesion strength and wear resistance, improved toughness, a low friction coefficient and high degrees of thermal conductivity. When compared to TiN-coated tools, one can achieve even longer endurance by using TiCN coatings for purposes of wear protection thanks to their lower levels of friction and improved hardness.

Machining of Steel-Alloys That Are Difficult to Machine

TiCN coatings are exceptionally well suited for milling machines, lathes, drilling and cutting machines for the machining of high and low-alloy steels. They are ideal for areas of application with high feed and cutting rates not yielding excessive temperatures at the cutting edges. Additionally, the coatings are very well suited for HSS milling tools used in the area of steel machining.

Metal Forming

TiCN is furthermore particularly well suited as a wear protection for drawing, punching, pressing and forming tools for the machining of high and low-alloy steels. This coating is used with excellent results in various areas of application in the cold forming of steel and stainless steel.

Application of TiN by means of the DUPLEX method is available.


PVD Coating TiCN – Titanium Carbon Nitride

Hardness 3.500 ± 500 HV
Maximum working temperature 400° C
750° F
Friction coefficient against steel 0,2
Coating thickness 1 – 4 µm
Colour blue-grey
Preferred areas of application Machining of steel-alloys that are difficult to machine
High-performance machining at non-excessive temperatures
HSS milling tools in steel machining
Metal forming of stainless steel
Cold forming
DUPLEX available


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