The Coat With Excellent Sliding Properties

The WCC PVD coating is made of a tungsten carbide carbon layer (a-C:Me) and yields significantly reduced friction and adhesive wear. Thanks to reduced friction one can expect, this coating system is ideally suited for the coating of parts sliding against each other (e.g. slides). WCC is a special PVD arc technology, an Eifeler in-house development. Apart from reduced friction, the novel deposition method in our arc units delivers, above all, a coat with high adhesion strength.

Reduced Friction

WCC coating is suited for the use on materials that can be subjected to coating temperatures exceeding 300° C. The reduction in friction the coat yields significantly improves the sliding properties of various tools, components and construction elements. The anti-friction effect also makes it applicable to e.g. hard coated machining tools.

Application of WCC by means of the DUPLEX method or the low temperature method is available.


PVD Coating WCC – Tungsten Carbide Carbon

Hardness 1.000 – 2.200 HV
Maximum working temperature 400° C
750° F
Friction coefficient against steel 0,2 – 0,25
Coating thickness 2 – 5 µm
Colour charcoal
Preferred areas of application Precision components
Punching and metal forming, MMS or dry
Plastic injection moulding, dry
Reduced friction when elements move against each other
Machining of galvanised sheet metal
Duplex method available
Low-temperature method available


Is WCC the right coating for your area of application? Or would one of our numerous other hard coatings be even better suited for your individual requirements?

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