The All-Round Coating

Thanks to its versatility and well-balanced characteristics, the TiN titanium nitride coat is an all-round coating type that has been proving its worth for a long time and is used in many areas of application. The TiN coating system is used for refinement purposes as wear protection during drilling in the machining industry, in the metal forming industry and in plastic processing.

Machining of Ferrous Materials

This coating is mostly used as wear protection in hobbing, drilling or tap machining, where low and medium cutting values are used. Due to the fact that TiN shows very low levels of reactivity with ferrous metals, tool wear from galling is significantly reduced.

Drawing, Punching, Pressing …

Preferred areas of application are, among others, drawing, punching, pressing and metal forming tools for the machining of sheet steel or plastic processing tools, subject to high levels of abrasive wear – e.g. mineral-filled organic press masses. In addition, TiN coating systems improve the removal of injection moulds.

Visual Refinement

This coating’s attractive gold colour and high abrasion resistance make TiN coating the first choice in visual refinement of various surfaces for many decorative applications.

Food-Safe Coating

Titanium nitride coatings are entirely food-safe and therefore ideal for use in the food industry. Furthermore, TiN is very well suited for use in medical technology applications thanks to its high levels of chemical resistance and bio-compatibility.

Application of TiN by means of the low temperature method is available.


PVD Coating TiN – Titanium Nitride

Hardness 2.300 ± 300 HV
Maximum working temperature 500° C
900° F
Friction coefficient against steel 0,6
Coating thickness 1 – 4 µm
Colour gold
Preferred areas of application Processing and machining of iron-based materials
Metal forming
Plastic forming
Decoration – visual refinement
Medical technology
Food industry
Low-temperature method available


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