The Universal High-Temperature Coat
TRONIX Serie Eifeler

The nanocrystalline ALLTRON aluminium chrome nitride coat from the new TRONIX series is our very hard, tough allrounder for use at extreme temperatures: It was developed for applications with operating temperatures of up to 1000°C. Apart from excellent oxidation resistance and hot hardness, this coating system excels through highest levels of adhesion strength and improved, very smooth surfaces. It can be used universally in the range of 35 to more than 54 HRc.

THE Coating for Machining, Metal Forming, Punching …

The improved AlCr coating system can be used for a wide range of machining processes during which high or even extreme temperatures occur locally. The layer structure which was optimised through the use of HIPIES technology thus allows for increased coating adhesion on tools that are subject to extreme mechanical and thermal stress as well as outstanding performance parameters. Modifications to its internal tension yield a more stable operating behaviour while the coating is also extremely wear resistant. This makes the ALLTRON the “jack of all trades” – a perfect PVD coating system for the fields of high-performance machining, milling, drilling and cutting, metal forming and punching as well as dry machining.

Application of ALLTRON by means of the DUPLEX method is available.


PVD Coating ALLTRON – AlCr high-performance coat

Material AlCr nanocomposite
Technology HIPIES Hybrid
Hardness 3.400 HV
Maximum working temperature 1000° C
1830° F
Friction coefficient against steel 0,3
Coating thickness 2 – 4 µm
Colour grey
Preferred areas of application General high-performance machining
Universal application
Milling, drilling
Punching & metal forming
Dry machining
Stainless steel
Titanium, super alloys, Inconel
Aluminium pressure die-cast
From 35 to > 54 HRc
DUPLEX available
ALLTRON micro for micro tools available, max. 1μ coating thickness


Is ALLTRON the right coating for your area of application? Or would one of our numerous other hard coatings be even better suited for your individual requirements?

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