• Photo: Sliding Coatings DLC SLICOs - Eifeler Austria
  • Photo: Sliding Carbon Coatings DLC SLICOs - Eifeler Austria
  • Photo: DLC Sliding Coatings for extrusion - Eifeler Austria

Top-Performance Sliding CoatsTRONIX Serie Eifeler

Our DLC SLICOs Coatings (sliding coatings) are tribological coating systems of the latest generation for highest demands. These coats excel through very low degrees of dry friction against metallic friction partners and high micro-hardness of up to 3,500 HV. Therefore, they offer excellent protection against abrasive and adhesive wear as well as exceptional corrosion protection. Further strengths of the coating systems are the control of tribo-oxidation and fatigue wear. Thus, Eifeler DLC SLICOs yield longer service life, improved reliability and general increase in performance of the coated construction elements, components and tools as well as good emergency running properties and reduced levels of thermal stress. Eifeler DLC SLICOs are part of our new TRONIX series and are deposited using HIPIES technology.

Three DLC Coating Systems for Your Requirements

Adjusted to the individual requirements of our customers, we currently offer our DLC SLICOs coating systems in three different coat structure variants: DLC, Cr+DLC and Cr+CrN+DLC. Naturally, all three show the same outstanding friction, wear and corrosion reducing characteristics of diamond-like carbon. When using a combined coat structure, a hard, durable chrome nitride coat underneath the tribologically effective carbon coat yields even toughness, fatigue and corrosion resistance.

Sliding Coat for Tribological Applications and Much More

Eifeler DLC SLICOs coatings systems are particularly well suited for construction elements subject to high degrees of mechanical stress with extreme wear stress and high relative speeds. They are the ideal sliding coats for engine components, sliding and roller elements, pumps and compressors. Additionally, they are perfectly suited for soft materials such as aluminium or copper alloys, for plastic processing and, due to their high bio-compatibility, for the food industry and medical technology.

Top Performance in Motor Sports

There is hardly any area that places higher demands on quality and speed than motor sports – across the entire production and process chain. That is why the number of coated components is on the rise in this area, as it is in the whole of vehicle manufacturing. Eifeler DLC SLICOs provide longer component service life, improved reliability and safe, clean handling. Thus, higher levels of efficiency can be achieved in the production process and vehicle performance alike – both in the areas of two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles.

DLC Coatings SLICOs

Hardness 2.200 bis 3.500 HV
Maximum working temperature 350° C
662° F
Friction coefficient against steel 0,08 – 0,1
Coating thickness 2 µm (+/- 1 µm)
Colour black – charcoal
Roughness Ra 0,02 µm
Coating systems DLC
Preferred areas of application Tribological applications (sliding coats)
Corrosion protection
Plastic injection moulding, extrusion
Metal machining – with soft materials
(aluminium, brass, copper …)
Visual refinement
Medical technology
Food industry
Maximum dimensions ∅ 400 mm, h 500 mm

Is there a DLC SLICOs sliding coat that perfectly meets your requirements? Or would one of our numerous other hard coatings / one of our numerous PVD coatings be even better suited for your individual requirements?

Just contact us – we gladly advise you and find the perfect coating solution for you!