The Universal Multi-Layer Coat

Based on TiAlN, SUPRAL coatings are regarded as THE multi-purpose high-performance coatings from Eifeler – suited for drills, millers and other tools. SUPRAL convinces with high oxidation resistance, exceptional hardness and good chemical resistance. Furthermore, this PVD coating excels with a low friction coefficient.

Excellent for Drills, Millers and Co …

Its thermal stability and low friction coefficient allow SUPRAL coatings to achieve excellent results, especially in the drilling of steel (up to 54 HRc). Drills, millers and other tools show improved surface quality and increased endurance. Furthermore, one can realise higher cutting speeds through the application of this coating. Further advantages are the possibility of dry machining and a reduction in cooling lubricant.

Broad Range of Application in Machining

SUPRAL is particularly suited for drilling with poor cooling or interior cooling while showing excellent results in die cast machining.


PVD Coating SUPRAL – TiAlN

Hardness 3.500 ± 500 HV
Maximum working temperature 800° C
1470° F
Friction coefficient against steel < 0,5
Coating thickness 2 – 4 µm
Colour black
Preferred areas of application Drilling and milling of 45 HRc steel
Cast machining


Is SUPRAL the right coating for your area of application? Or would one of our numerous other hard coatings be even better suited for your individual requirements?

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