Top Performance in Machining – Without Sticking Together

Our SILVER aluminium titanium chrome nitride coat is one of those hard coatings especially well suited for very special areas of application: It is mostly used in the machining of materials that tend to stick together. Due to its high levels of hardness and excellent oxidation resistance, SILVER is particularly well suited for all those machining tasks that bring other coatings to the limits of their thermal stress capacity.

One Very Special Hard Coating …

Thanks to SILVER’s smooth CrN surface, the tendency to stick together is significantly and effectively reduced when using this hard coating. With its silver colour, the coat is used for the machining of abrasive materials that tend to stick together, such as stainless steel, grey cast iron or silicium-rich aluminium alloys.

Machining of Aluminium, Copper and Non-Ferrous Metals

Fully following this design, SILVER hard coatings are mainly used in the machining of aluminium and aluminium alloys, copper and other non-ferrous metals. But these hard coatings are also popular in the area of aluminium and magnesium injection moulding as well as in the forming of aluminium sheets.


PVD coating SILVER Aluminium Titanium Chrome Nitride

Hardness 3.000 ± 300 HV
Maximum working temperature 800° C
1470° F
Friction coefficient against steel 0,4
Coating thickness 2 – 4 µm
Colour silver
Preferred areas of application Machining of aluminium with Si content
Universally suitable for milling and drilling
Very well suited for indexable inserts


Is SILVER the right coating for your area of application? Or would one of our numerous other hard coatings be even better suited for your individual requirements?

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