• Photo: Eifeler Austria Coating - PVD coating by means of DUPLEX method
  • Photo: High-tech coatings - Eifeler Plasma Beschichtungs GmbH Wien

Doubly Effective for Metal Forming & Co.

Our DUPLEX treatment consists of a thermo-chemical process (plasma nitriding), combined with the deposition of an Eifeler PVD coat immediately afterwards. This combined method (two steps in one process) yields a defined increase in surface hardness of the tool material. Therefore, it significantly improves the PVD coating’s performance.

Especially in the field of metal forming, the DUPLEX treatment is a high-performing alternative to CVD coatings – not least due to the significantly shorter processing / delivery times (three to five work days).

Advantages of the DUPLEX Treatment

In the course of the DUPLEX treatment, the ideal formation of a hardness gradient happens from the tool’s core over the edge area to the tool’s surface. This and the fact that the coating temperature is below 500° C yields numerous positive effects – e.g. for the machining of high-tensile sheet metal.

  • Increased supporting effect for PVD hard coatings
  • Significantly improved absorbing power against compressive stress
  • High-gloss polish remains intact
  • Tool’s high accuracy is retained
  • Significantly improved endurance
  • Lower set-up and tool costs

Surface Polish for Optimum Preparation

Optimally preparing a surface is essential for the maximum performance and excellent surface quality the DUPLEX method offers. This is why we naturally rely on the latest technology when it comes to pre-treatment systems. If required, we will process an additional surface polishing for truly special needs. Information on this is available under “Special surface polish” in the Services menu section.

Optimally Suited for High-Tensile Sheet Metal and More

DUPLEX is used for demands that would bring standard PVD coats to the limits of their capacities. All coatable and nitritable steel materials are suited for DUPLEX treatment. This method is already well-established in the field of tools for the forming of high-strength sheet metal materials as well as the fields of deep drawing, punching, bending and pressing. In these areas, DUPLEX yields extremely high endurance. For these purposes, the thermo-chemical process is used in combination with the VARIANTIC, ALLTRON or TiN coating systems. But it can also be combined with other coating systems.

Just contact us – we gladly advise you on the scope of application of the DUPLEX treatment for your area of application!