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TRONIX Serie Eifeler

DRAWTRON is THE high performance coating for aluminium die casting, plastic injection moulding and hot forming. DRAWTRON belongs to our new TRONIX series and is deposited using HIPIES technology, which enables an extremely smooth, droplet-free, dense layer structure and a particularly high improved layer adhesion.

Top Performance for Aluminium Die Casting and Hot Forming

Due to its special coating composition, DRAWTRON offers excellent protection against corrosive and abrasive attack by molten aluminium. This makes this coating predestined for use in the field of aluminium die casting.
Due to the increased hardness and temperature resistance compared to CrN, this coating is also particularly suitable for the area of hot forming and use in plastic injection moulding, when processing corrosive or fibre-filled plastic melt.


PVD Coating DRAWTRON – CrWN High-Performace Coating

Material CrWN
Technology HIPIES Hybrid
Hardness 3.000 ± 300 HV
Maximum working temperature > 800° C
Friction coefficient against steel 0,5
Coating thickness 6 – 10 µm
Colour silver


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