Optimum scratch resistance for sensitive surfaces

CaTiB is a new method to protect surfaces against damage and wear, being particularly suited for polished and structured, highly sensitive surfaces in plastic mould construction. This method doesn’t involve a coating being applied for scratch resistance. Instead, a plasma-supported diffusion process leads to a targeted increase in the workpiece’s surface hardness. This ensures that repairs and re-polishing remains possible and without de-coating which significantly reduces maintenance efforts and costs.

Benefits and properties of the CaTiB method

The hard coat resulting in the workpiece’s base material thanks to the CaTiB method is particularly suited for wear and scratch resistance, thus also increasing its productivity. The CaTiB surface treatment method stands out with:

  • Better demoulding and low deposit formation
  • Constant surface hardness
  • No dimensional changes
  • 1:1 reproduction of surface – preservation of gloss level
  • Marked increase in hardness, even with soft base materials
  • Repairable and weldable
  • Re-polishing possible
  • Coatable – increase in scratch resistance with subsequent decorative coating
  • Faster and more cost-efficient processing: no hardening necessary – no stress cracks
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs: Scratches can be removed more easily by re-polishing without the need to decoat or recoat.


Areas of application of this scratch protection treatment

CaTiB creates a scratch-resistant surface without changing the surface quality and protects tribologically stressed workpieces. This is why this method provides optimal scratch resistance for high-gloss polished surface, especially in the field of plastic injection.

  • Scratch and wear resistance
  • Support coat: the ideal foundation for other thin coats
  • In connection with our DLC coating system Eifeler DLC SLICOs extremely successful in plastic processing


CaTiB surface treatment

Hardness 900 – 1.500 HV
Treatment temperature 400° – 480° C
Method Thermochemical diffusion process, plasma nitriding method
Diffusion depth 20 – 90 µm
Colour colourless


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