For Perfect Coating Results: Check List

Highest, consistent levels of quality and quick, smooth order processing – that’s what our customers expect. Nonetheless, we depend on active participation: Just prepare your coating order using our check list and pay special attention to the notes on the requirements for PVD coating! The safest way to perfect results …

Requirements for PVD Coating

In order to achieve optimal results with PVD coating, the tools, construction elements and components to be processed need to meet a number of specific requirements. What follows is an overview of the most significant factors:

Material properties

  • metallic, electrically conductive materials


Work piece properties

  • maximum dimensions: ∅ 700 mm, l 1,000 mm (larger pieces upon request)
  • Featuring bore holes, threads or at least one area not to be coated
  • Areas not to be coated must be clearly marked
  • Soldering points temperature-resistant up to 600° C and cadmium-free
  • welded work pieces annealed in a stress-relieved manner
  • work pieces must not be glued or pressed
  • internal threads must be free of contaminants
  • cooling ducts must be open and clean


Surface properties

  • metallic bright (sanded, polished, eroded or blasted)
  • must not be chromed, bronzed, vapour-plated or bath-nitrated
  • high-gloss polish on metal forming tools
  • sanded surfaces must be free from oxide skins and new hardness zones
  • cutting edges, bore holes and surfaces must be free of burrs
  • spark-eroded surfaces must be pre-treated using micro-shot blasting
  • polished surfaces must be free from polish residue
  • free from sanding dust and stains left by cleaning agents
  • de-magnetised


Heat treatment

  • Perform heat treatment at more than 450°C to 500° C
  • Explicitly mark heat treatment performed at lower temperatures in advance


Transport Packing

Work pieces are to be packed in such a way that they cannot be damaged by exterior forces and cannot damage each other. Packing should – for environmental reasons – also be used for return transport. In order to protect them against corrosion, the work pieces may be treated with a water-displacing oil that can be removed during alkaline cleaning to leave the work piece entirely residue-free. Gloss-polished surfaces should be covered up.


Important Information

In order to prevent unsatisfactory coating results, detailed information on the material, on the heat treatment and on the last processing steps performed is indispensable. For best results, use our „coating order form“! Thus, you can make sure that all information required for your coating project has been transmitted to us.

First Orders

We ask for your understanding that first orders exclusively need to be discussed and clarified via telephone or e-mail in advance. Just contact us – we are looking forward to successful collaborations!