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TRONIX Serie Eifeler

The new nanocrystalline high-performance coat TISITRON from our new TRONIX Series is a coating system for the hardest, the toughest operating conditions: the hardest materials, most demanding surface structures and extreme temperatures. TISITRON excels through a low friction coefficient and very high maximum operating temperatures. TISITRON was optimised for the milling of hard to machine materials and the hard milling (high-performance machining), far exceeding common standard requirements.

Excellent Performance Values Through Nanocrystalline Layer Structure

The use of HIPIES technology during the deposition of TISITRON enables an extremely smooth, droplet-free, dense layer structure and a particularly high level of improved layer adhesion. The nanocrystalline layer structure thus prevents crack formation and optimises the relation between hardness and internal tension. It furthermore yields high stability and toughness.

For High-Performance Machining, Hard Milling & Co. Under Extreme Conditions

Optimally suited for high-performance machining, hard milling and the machining of hardened steels, TISITRON wows with its extreme adhesive strength and wear resistance, even at extremely high machining temperatures. The extremely smooth and low-defect layer structure’s excellent surface quality allows for high cutting speeds and optimum chip removal.


TISITRON coats are particularly well suited for demanding machining tasks thanks to:

  • extreme wear resistance
  • high stability and toughness
  • extreme adhesive strength
  • very high temperature resistance
  • optimised relation between hardness and internal tension
  • very low crack formation tendency
  • very smooth and low in defects


PVD Coating TISITRON – AlTiSi Based / Nano Composite

Material AlTiSi nanocomposite
Technology HIPIES Hybrid
Hardness 3.800 HV
Maximum working temperature > 1100° C
Friction coefficient against steel 0,5
Coating thickness 2 – 4 µm
Colour brown
Preferred areas of application High-performance machining
Hard milling
Machining of hardened steels > 52 HRc to > 66 HRc


TISITRON micro PVD Coatings

TISITRON micro is a coating system specially developed for the micro tools used in micro machining (< 3 mm) which is extremely smooth and low in defects due to its improved surface.

Special Benefits When Used on Micro Tools

  • Coating thickness 0.3 – 0.8 µm
  • Friction coefficient against steel 0.4


Is TISITRON or TISITRON micro the right coating for your area of application? Or would one of our numerous other hard coatings be even better suited for your individual requirements?

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